My name is Valentina Tischenko and I am pleased to welcome you into my online home.

I believe that every person has the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle, expand their self-awareness, and recognize their responsibility to give back to their community.

I built this site to share these three facets of my work.

Tisko Health and Wellness: GET STRONG

Coaching Zone: LIVE INSPIRED

Tischenko Foundation: GIVE BACK


The Tischenko Foundation's purpose is to GIVE BACK by creating, sponsoring, and promoting programs that support organizations dedicated to making a difference for tomorrow in the lives of disadvantaged children, teenagers, and adults in our community. The aim is to aid and encourage them to become positive and productive members of our society by improving their education, general health, and quality of life.


Tisko Health and Wellness provides a full spectrum of fitness, health, wellness programs, and services. The focus is to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of people through educational and motivational programs and services that will empower them to GET STRONG, adopt a healthier lifestyle and a more authentic self.


I specialize in helping youths, adults, teams and small businesses become empowered, LIVE INSPIRED and be confident to think differently and create a more fulfilling life. By providing new visions and ways of doing things, I support and encourage people to take leaps of faith and discover their unlimited potential to create the lifestyle they want and deserve.