Life Coaching and the INSIGHT FOR LIFE KIDS & TEENS program are available at low cost to charities, non-profit organizations, schools, or any that aim to improve the quality of life of our youth for the community and beyond.

“Insight For Life” is designed to help students thrive and develop positive life skills. This 8-week course encourage personal development in tween and teens providing an outlet for their stresses, fears, and anxieties by helping them develop tools to create a life of confidence, success and happiness.

With your financial assistance, we can change the face of our youth and help build a healthier and stronger communities.


ArtREACH is a free, after-school enrichment program for homeless youth and teens, ages 5-15, living in Broward emergency and transitional shelters or in Independent Transitional Housing. This program fills a void in after-school services for the homeless, providing educational, emotional and behavioral support while enabling their parents to pursue and retain the full-time employment that will move their family back into mainstream society.




Sponsor Life Coaching sessions to boys and girls ages 8-13 from ARTReach program.

  • Sponsor 10 sessions $2,250
  • Sponsor a session $250


Sponsor the CIJ KIDS Insight For Life program to kids from BBBS Miami. The program will be offered to two different age groups. About 40 kids and teens will benefit from your generosity. The program is cheduled to start in January 2018

  • Sponsor the 8 week program to both groups $3,500
  • Sponsor the 8 week program to one group $1,850
  • Sponsor a week to both groups $375.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami is the premier mentoring organization in South Florida. Every day, we awaken possibilities for thousands of Miami’s kids - one child and afternoon at a time - through professionally supported, one-on-one relationships with caring adult volunteers. We rank in the top 30 largest BBBS agencies in the country and #1 in Florida.

Many other financial opportunities are available to help me make a difference in our community. For more information about the possibilities to bring the "Insight For Life" program or Life Coaching to an organization, please contact me.



Demi Rushé - YAA ArtREACH Coordinator

"Ms. Valentina has been a tremendous asset to the ArtREACH program. Both the students and staff look forward to her weekly sessions of the Creative Insight Journey. Not only are the sessions themselves helpful, Ms. Valentina herself brings so much joy and happiness to everyone she encounters. The students are always anxiously awaiting their “Tuesday’s with Ms. Valentina.

The Creative Insight Journey has helped teach the students at ArtREACH how to cope with negative feelings and focus on their personal strengths amongst many other useful skills. The students are given opportunities to express themselves verbally, through writing, artistically, and even through dance. They have developed a routine as they enter the classroom. There are two wonderful activities that Ms. Valentina has the students do at the start of each session. The first is a “let it go” activity where the student writes something (usually that upset them) that they want to let go of or forget about on an index card. Ms. Valentina then goes around with the trash can so the student can tear up their card and announce “let it go” as they throw it into the trash. The second activity is to randomly choose two cards with various words such as grateful, laughter, patient etc. The students are asked to describe what this word means and why they think they received it. They go around in a circle sharing their thoughts with one another. It’s wonderful seeing the students express themselves and show respect while listening to one another when they do this activity. It also gives them time for reflection which is often uncommon with their busy school and ArtREACH day.

Another aspect of the Creative Insight Journey that has had a positive impact on the students is the concept of having personal superheroes/cheerleaders and gremlins. Ms. Valentina has explained that we all have inner voices that tell us we are not able, good enough, etc.: these voices are known as our gremlins. However, we all have our personal superhero/cheerleader who we can call on to quiet our gremlins. Ms. Valentina has taught us that the more often we call on our superheroes and cheerleaders the more they will help us and improve our self-confidence. She has explained how important it is to speak kindly to ourselves as well as one another.

There have been several instances where we’ve seen the students of ArtREACH utilizing the skills and tools they’ve learned in their Creative Insight Journey sessions. One example was during a drawing lesson when several of the students began speaking negatively about their ability to draw. After they were reminded “what does Ms. Valentina tell you to do?” they began saying that they needed to call on their “cheerleader” and quiet their “gremlins!” There have also been several occasions where the students have taken the initiative to write about things that have upset them, rip their papers, and “let it go!”

The addition of the Creative Insight Journey into the ArtREACH program has been such a positive influence. The students have shown growth emotionally and socially. We will continue to use the techniques we’ve learned from Ms. Valentina throughout our ArtREACH day and we are so thankful for all of her support."

If you would like to sponsor a session or a full program to your favorite charities, non-profit organizations, schools please submit your information below. We will review your details and get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!