Intentional Journey

THE INTENTIONAL JOURNEY is a powerful personal development program created for those who want to reach higher levels of satisfaction and success in main areas of their life: personal, health, family, romance, career, finances, and recreation.

Bring positive and permanent shifts into your life, learn self-empowerment techniques, gain valuable insight into self-appreciation and self-belief, achieve your goals, create possibilities, make reality your desires, and be inspired to enjoy life.

The Intentional Journey program focuses on mindfulness, life coaching techniques, neuro linguistic programming NLP, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.

This awe-inspiring program consists of three courses: CIJ The Clarity Catalyst Course, Taking the Next Step Course, and Manifest the Life You Want Course. Happiness and Success are often seen an intangible or difficult to achieve, but with this practical development program, you will soon master a step by step formula for creating a life you love, the one that is waiting for you.


The first step of the journey... a transformational, self-discovery, and empowering course that works on a personal level based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class developed in 1979 to cultivate clarity, creativity, authenticity, and self-expression. During this inspiring and life shifting course your clarity, self- confidence, sense of direction, awareness, and passion will increase exponentially. This catalyst course is designed to help you get your mojo back, your mind rewired for triumph, and to cultivate the audacity and the confidence to know who you are, that you are worthy, and that you matter.


Part Two of the Intentional Journey Program. During this course you will continue with your personal development journey but at a more profound level. The objective is to bring you to a deeper experience where you will find that there are more “steps” available for your continuing growth. Set higher goals, create new experiences, shift your patterns and mindset, gain a sense of control over your life and discover the infinite potential you have to succeed.


Part Three of the Intentional Journey Program. Develop emotional self-mastery, find your life purpose, and enter into a new realm of possibilities. After completing the two previous courses where you have been discovering, improving and grooming your outer and inner self, bring about a positive transformation into your life by stepping into a higher realm of consciousness. Everything that you need will automatically be manifested in your life. Manifest greatness in your life that you know you are capable of.


  • Identify and awaken your creative passions and authentic purpose in life.
  • Get clear about how you want to design the next exciting chapter in your life.
  • Increase your self-confidence, cultivate your intuition to make solid decisions.
  • Create a new relationship with that eliminates stress.
  • Develop powerful listening and communication skills
  • Take action in your life instead of just talking about making changes and never doing anything about it. Become a master in decision-making.
  • Raise your self-awareness bringing newfound peace and balance to your life.
  • Learn how to deal with situations that produce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.
  • Gain a clear sense of direction and purpose. One that allows you to shift your focus from quantity to quality, from feeling stuck to living a meaningful life.


  • All courses are easy to follow and understand.
  • Each course is eight-week long, meeting once per week and each session is 75-90 minutes long.
  • Tisko Health and Wellness will provide the material necessary for all the participants.
  • Each course is limited to 16 participants.
  • Complementary ONE Life Coaching call per course. Value $150.
  • Available in English or Spanish.
  • Additional surprises bonuses, tools and gifts that will support your journey and success.
  • Mega bundle. Commit to ALL three courses and save up to $500.
  • Payment plans available upon request. Money Back Guarantee.


Barbara Krakower

"I tended to think I didn’t have time, or I wasn’t worthy of that kind of indulgence. But, when Valentina mentioned this Creative Insight Journey course, I thought…. Why not?

The 8-week course was a wonderful opportunity to focus on important life lessons, to learn and use strategies that support positive thoughts and actions, and begin a commitment to approach my life in some different ways. All this was accomplished with a group of strangers that became friends under the guidance of my spin instructor who became my teacher. Sharing this process with other people is so incredible! Valentina’s passion to see people move forward along their path is powerful and effective.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is open to looking at their life and finding strategies that will make an impact on creating a happy, meaningful life."

Alexandra M.

"Following her training she invited me to participate in one of her workshops. What a gift. I got so much out of Valentina's workshop. Warm and generous, Valentina shared her own personal journey of growth and transformation which allowed the rest of us to share our own challenges. The Creative Insight Journey coursework is challenging and some participants are initially resistant to the process. Valentina facilitated the workshop in such a way that everyone was able to break down those invisible walls that we sometimes build around ourselves and that inhibit our growth. Every participant will have a unique journey during the workshop. It's an intensely personal experience. "


"The content of this 8-week course delivered through its highly motivating instructor, Valentina Tischenko, provides easy to use “tools” that work in real life. Aside from the obvious, but often forgotten, proverbs we all learned as children that teach us how to be a good friend, neighbor, son or daughter; this course offers highly evolved spiritual insight on how to live a better life. You can take this course as deep as you personally want to go. No one who takes this course will be disappointed. Its value is intangible to even the casual attendee. As an attorney with a busy practice, family and active life, I cannot think of a better use time for the last eight Wednesday evenings than the time spent with Valentina and my fellow classmates. She is amazing person and the lessons conveyed are priceless."

Mike Ambrosio

I will tell you that no one in that group came with more reservations about investing the time and had lower expectations than I, when reluctantly agreeing to attend. Additionally, I discovered that I was the only male member which, of course, only added to my skepticism of realizing any true insight or meaningful results. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The course was remarkable and fulfilling and worth every minute which I invested. Valentina was warm, engaging, knowledgeable and caring and it showed clearly in all our classes. I came away with a different outlook and perspective on my own life and how my actions affect other people who are part of my life. A wonderful experience which I wish went on longer. I never expected so little and got so much.

Insight for Life Kids and Teens is a branch of CIJ The Clarity Catalyst is course designed to encourage personal development in tweens and teens providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties. During this 8-week course, we explore their struggles, seek answers, and develop tools to create a life of confidence, success, and happiness. Tweens and Teens will make better decisions in all areas of life by learning how to love themselves and becoming empowered with self-confidence.

As a Life Coach, I support children develop skills like resilience, gratitude, leadership, self-control, and self-awareness.

By using imagination, visualization, affirmations, meditation, etc. I teach tweens and teens not only to have the confidence to express themselves and rise above their circumstances but also about the power of their mind and how their thoughts and words can create their reality. I help them find their inner “voice”, belief in their dreams, increase their confidence, and view challenges as opportunities. I empower them to take responsibility for their actions, their happiness, confidence, accomplishments, and success.

During the last years not only adults have benefited from Life Coaching and personal development courses I facilitate, also youth ages 8 to 17 years old from organizations like ArtREACH YAA and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami had the opportunity to experience the benefits that Life coaching delivers.


  • Helps kids and young people build self-esteem, set positive goals and deal with issues such as bullying, anxiety and poor body image.
  • Generates new ideas for life purpose.
  • Leads to the better understanding of themselves and their feelings. To more acceptance and tolerance.
  • Inspires innovative problem-solving and consistent breakthrough thinking to find innovative solutions to problems.
  • Provides tools to focus on what is possible.
  • Creates a new healthy relationship with time management and stress.
  • Improves communication skills that breed self-confidence when standing up to peer pressure/bullying, and provides new access to better communication with family and friends.

Each student will come away with a deeper knowledge about who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the skills to move on to middle school, high school, college, and into life with motivation, direction, and self-reliance.




Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I will keep writing in my journal and using all the tips you told me. You have changed my life by doing this class and I will never forget this. I love you and thank you so much.

Nevaeh (ArtREACH program)

“We get to dance after we pick different words like kind, patient, joy… we write about them in our books and draw pictures about them. We tell the class about our word and then we tell each other that the word is about them too, like you are kind, you are also kind, we say you are kind to all our friends.”

Jayla (ArtREACH program)

“Ms Valentina is the best and I am thankful for her because she is nice and she teaches us SA-TA-TA-NA-MA for when I am mad. She lets us dance and write about whatever we want that made us mad and let go of it.”


"I took Valentina’s super fun class. Her class taught me how to show myself that I am cool, smart, and pretty. She made me realize that if there is some people that don’t like me there are other fish in the sea. She has helped me mentally and emotionally. I recommend this class to anyone who is or was bullied, has trouble making friends (plus you make friends) or even just needs someone to talk to. Valentina will listen to anything, bad or good. She is also fun to hang out with. Valentina is super funny and cool. I really recommend it."